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Our Response to Govt Industrial Strategy Launch

Turner & Townsend Suiko welcomes this week’s announcement from Government on Industrial Strategy.  The decision to place people, skills and infrastructure at the cornerstone of this strategy is a hugely encouraging step towards realising the change that is required to pick up the pace on nation-wide productivity.

According to the CBI, nine in ten firms see a modern Industrial Strategy as vital to improving living standards in the face of Brexit, and in the uncertain economic climate, we welcome the amplified focus, not solely fixed on UK manufacturing, but across the diversity of the UK economy.

Starting with investment in technology and higher education and the commitment to efficiency in infrastructure and primary building strategies through to the backing of skilled apprenticeships – we believe the hard work starts now in all sectors to unlock the potential for change to drive productivity and sustain momentum.


Our Commitment to Driving Productivity

We are committed to productivity improvement across programmes, projects, and operations. We work with ambitious businesses and their supply chains to embed the benefits of factory thinking, encompassing a proven approach, expert people and trusted relationships to deliver sustainable results.

An effective and efficient business truly understands value from the customer’s point of view and strives to continually drive performance by delivering this with the optimum level of resource (e.g. people, capital, knowledge, research, design, overheads).

We encourage our clients to push the boundaries of conventional processes, projects and operations.  Our sustainable approach, which focuses on transferring knowledge, ensures our clients become expert at identifying ‘non value add’ activities and eliminating them – breaking constraints and traditional thinking.

Whether working at either a strategic or tactical level, leaders should instill a mind-set to challenge thinking and achieve:

  • Effective collaboration – focus the whole supply chain on the same objectives (of quality, time, cost and risk) rather than individual agendas.
  • Optimum resources – align the right skills, the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Robust performance management – provide assurance that the agreed performance can always be achieved.
  • Right first time quality – build in quality to reduce project costs and ongoing legacy issues.
  • End to end efficiency – reduce complexity, ‘noise’ and rework from concept through to the end user

To understand more about our unique approach to driving productivity within your business, do get in touch with Richard Lyle. 


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