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Our Methodology

Our structured scalable process is used to deliver a bespoke solution to your business.

To maximise the outcome we have learnt that you must apply the following principles:

Suiko Why – the business case

Our clients drive profitable growth and equity value through lean operational excellence.  Typically we:

Improve – deliver fast, effective results that provide a significant ROI with savings that can be used to fund the next steps

Sustain – roll out a proven approach across the business, building capability in clients’ teams to provide long term cost, cash and profit improvement

Grow – reliable and efficient end to end processes that increase competitiveness and free up time to focus on customer satisfaction and business growth.


Suiko What – the tools and behaviours

Having clarified the why, we need to develop the what.  This is the appropriate tools and techniques as well as the enabling behaviours, disciplines and leadership values which will deliver the business goals.  We typically implement the what in a structured way through the 5 Suiko levels.


Suiko How – the implementation

Lean and operational excellence transformation requires culture change to be successful.  To accelerate and sustain the what, significant focus must be placed upon the how; a strategic framework, group wide toolbox, enabling behaviours and strong lean programme management.  To underpin this Suiko provide a proven 5 phase delivery process.